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Stop wasting time looking for a file! OCMC’s Windows FileScanner swiftly searches your computer and finds your files and folders within seconds, regardless of the amount of files you have

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Windows FileScanner is lightning fast, does not affect the performance of your computer and is super easy-to-use. It has extensive filter options, and comes with 4 different languages.

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Main features description

  • Outperform any Windows search, with a blazing fast search engine and search actually occurring as you type.
  • User friendly with an intuitive and user-friendly interface and that comes in 10 different languages and help pane. It even features a preview pane!
  • After the initial indexing of your folders, there is no further background indexing affecting the performance of the computer!
  • Extensive Filter Options allowing you to filter by date, every possible file extensions and words in file/folder name.
  • Include and exclude files and folders from your search, and filter through files based on when they were created, accessed, modified, or how big they are.
  • Best value for money product in the market.

Take a closer look

Curious about FileScanner? View the video below or click here to view screenshots.