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Many small business owners are very happy with the OCMC FileScanner. Architects, builders, lawyers, consultants, accountants, dentists, doctors do have 100,000 and more files on their computer. By using the OCMC FileScanner they can quickly find files that would be lost or take ages to find with Windows Search.

Just read below what they have to say about the benefits of using the OCMC FileScanner by clicking on a button.

Lightening Fast File Search

You can outperform any Windows search, with a blazing fast search engine and search actually occurring as you type. Once the initial indexing of your folders is performed, there is no further background indexing affecting the performance of the computer.

Find your files in split seconds even with ten thousands and more files in thousands and more folders! Search local and external hard disks, network, DVD, usb-stick, etc, no matter what size. Search multiple paths at once (and exclude one or more paths from search results), search for file category (ex: document, photo, pdf, movie …) and search with multiple words and long file-names and folders.

You also can quickly and simply refine your search results based on options you choose. A variety of search commands helps you narrow down your search results, such as date and file category. Enjoy the ease of the preview window feature that shows the currently selected file (word, text, html and photos).

Superior User-Experience

OCMC's FileScanner is an easy-to-use windows file search utility, with a clean and intuitive interface allowing you to quickly find your files. Its appearance is easy to customize with 7 different themes. In addition, its interface comes with 4 different languages: English, Dutch, German and French.

It also has a full suite of support resources, with help and video-lessons.

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Value for Money

The OCMC FileScanner is value for money, starting from USD 4.95 for one license and USD 9.95 for five licenses. One license is valid on one computer.

Secure Ordering

When purchasing, you will be re-directed to Fastspring, which is a trusted reseller of software products and services and has state-of-the-art security measures to help prevent unauthorized access. You can pay with creditcard or PayPal and will receive after successful payment immediately your license key.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I enter the License Code?

After installation you must enter a license code. Follow these simple steps to do so:

Step 1: Make sure that your computer is connected to the internet when entering the license code.
Step 2: Start the OCMC FileScanner.
Step 3: Open the tab ‘Options’. Click on the button ‘Information’.
Step 4: Click on the button ‘Enter license code…’
Step 5: Copy and paste the received license code in the field below the field  ‘Enter license text for OCMC FileScanner below’
Step 6: Click on  ‘Apply License’

That's it, your license code is now entered.

Q: Can I use the OCMC FileScanner on any Windows PC?

You can use the OCMC FileScanner on a computer which has one of the following Microsoft Windows versions installed: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 -and Windows 8.

In case your computer uses Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, it will ask during installation whether you want to install Microsoft.Net Framework 4. You need to allow this, if not the OCMC FileScanner cannot be installed. The OCMC FileScanner needs 41,2 MB disk space to be installed.